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Key Features

Friendly and easy to use interface. A simple app that does powerful things: protects your data and opens an uncensored, encrypted Internet connection!

Awesome Interface

Hands on a simple and intuitive user interface.

Free Updates

Everyone is getting free app updates via Google Play Store.

User Friendly

Everyone can use it!

Instant Support

Via email and/or Google Play Store comments.

Connect with People, friends, family

Our VPN helps you connect with friends and family all over the world.

It's instant

Just download and connect! Quick and easy! No complicated setup!

Notification updates

Everyone will receive important notifications about our systems and Cat VPN.


Bypass Internet censorship, firewalls, school filters and many more.

Go global!

Unblock Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, YouTube, Google

Your data is safe

Protect your personal information from being accessed by anyone.

Hide your real location

Anonymize your browsing and hide your real IP to prevent data logging.

Internet everywhere via WiFi

Use any free Wi-Fi connection without being tracked or monitored.

Support for 13000+ devices

Cat VPN Free is available on over 13000 Android devices with various Android versions.


Quick Installation

Install Cat VPN Free from Google Play Store, start application, connect!




You may find an answer for the most common questions in this section.

At this moment the speed of the VPN connections is not modified.

The VPN will use your Internet connection speed. So, if your connection is slow or limited, when connected to the VPN, your speed may be a bit fast, or equal to your Internet speed, not worse.

NO! We don't care about the sites you visit or data traffic you make as long as nothing illegal is done.

For the moment no, sorry.

For the moment no, sorry.

For the moment no, sorry.

YES! Cat VPN Free is free! We have Google AdMob ads inside the app so we can keep this service free and buy new servers!

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App available for Android.